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  • Purchase of Energy Star certified appliances

  • Installation of new hydro meters and motion detector lights

  • High-efficiency furnace and boiler retrofits and low-flow toilets and showerhead installations

  • We plant shrubs and soft scape when possible

  • Energy conservation program and audits

  • Communication with tenants on “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and green/blue bins

  • Tenant education on water consumption, energy use and turning off lights

  • Front and backyard green space and gardens for tenants


  • Helping to increase Toronto’s rental supply

  • Bringing properties up to Ontario Building Code

  • Health and safety—fire retrofit, annual fire and life safety inspections

  • Inclusive hiring policies


  • Investment Committee oversight

  • Bi-annual operating and financial reports to investors

  • Bi-annual external accounting and bank review by lender

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